After leaving school I had literally no idea what to do with myself. At the time I was naive enough to have no clue that you could have a career creating video games. Let alone playing them. I mean some of the biggest Youtube gaming channels (to watch over enthusiastic dudes have a rolling commentary over their game-play) have crazy views with serious revenue, let alone competitions with prize pools of 1 mil+. Maybe naive was not the right word. This never existed when I left secondary school back in 2009, the only thing you could find back then were helpful tutorials and brilliantly creative machinima which were basically a cinematic production by a player in game with a hilariously written song to go with it, I recently watched a few of these from 2004 that I’d completely forgotten about and a wave of nostalgia hit me. Good times.

ANYWAY. Not like I went of topic. what I’m doing here is finding what really inspired me to go down this path, why particular this creative one? well that is pretty much it right there. Creativity. I’ve always had satisfaction with creating things. I like having my input into something to stand back and be proud that I made or help make that. Creativity is something that has always stuck around with me, something that I can rely on to pop up pretty much anywhere, or sometimes annoyingly, anytime. Where I have this urge to create something, it exhilarates me before I have even begun, and I don’t know what it was I even want to create! It’s just there, like waking up from a dream with a great idea.

So when did I finally decide to do something with this? About a month ago. I have had this creative buzz as long as I can remember, but maybe not so much the confidence to actually decide to do something with it. I took 3 years of college in art and design, but when feeling a bit of pressure to earn money and seeing the amount university costs during the end of the course I jumped in to the amazing working world, at the bottom on minimum wage full of honest, trustworthy, equal treating bosses. Hahahahahaha. Worst decision ever.

I opened my mind up and realized I want, and believe I can be better than this. So I applied for university. For my love of creativity and video games to team up with the best of my talent to take me in any creative career path it will allow..and can make me some monies.



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