So this is just a little about what I am comfortable with in my own work at the moment and what I feel time could be spent on getting up to standard in my work. This is a hard one for me as I don’t really look back on my strengthens and weaknesses or maybe don’t identify with them so well. For me, I feel that when I create a piece of work that I am proud of, It can come out of no where, maybe I felt relaxed, in a creative mood or maybe it was because I just generally felt good, maybe I had been eating right, rested well and some fundamental knowledge has began to sink in, who knows, but when this happens, and I become creative, hours can fly by on a piece of work.

Starting with a couple things I feel I am good at would be creating sketches from reference, Imitating what is on a screen or piece of paper and creating my own drawing from it. Following up with shading, everything looks better once its shaded/rendered hence why I do a lot of it and have become some what good, especially after learning how to correctly shade an object depending on where the light source is. Of course this doesn’t mean I feel I am amazing and the best at shading to ever of existed, I will always try to improve on it, especially with more complex shading, for example with 2,3,4 different light sources on an environment or object.

So back a couple of weeks ago I visited the Ashmolean museum in Oxford with my sketch book ready to get my skills up a bit in figurative drawing.  At the start it was great. There were lots of full body sculptures so I could practice my figurative drawings in all sorts of different poses. So I began to draw them…. not so very well. I couldn’t really understand, I mean they really were not so good. This creative flow I find when drawing at home or at university was no where to be seen and I was not comfortable. Perhaps it was because it was my first time trying something new,or out in public with my sketch book drawing? Either way I put it down to being new to me and will be going back time and time again until I start feeling comfortable drawing outside of my comfort zone.

I mean I cant just accept being able to draw at home or at university, I need to be able to take my skills where ever I go for people who wish to purchase them.




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