So today I found out about dissecting an image, more specifically, concept art of an environment from a scene in the video game Destiny. First was the top down view so I could map out everything in the scene, mountains, cities, space junk that was buried in the terrain and figures too. Mapping this out gave me a good idea where everything was even if most was left up to my imagination. What I mean is, there were only so many objects I could see in the image, were the objects behind mountains or boulders? or more the city I could see? So I just mapped out what I could see and added some things that I thought would be cool


Now bare in mind this is my first top down view of an environment. I’m sure there are a lot of things wrong, the buildings for example. I wasn’t sure how to implement the mountains and range, so I asked and was told for a top down view you would use topographical mountain contours, which I still didn’t have a clue until I was shown and had a look up on the web. I implemented the ones I could see on the image and added a few of my own too. After I added what else I could see and labeled so I wouldn’t forget.

Next was camera position. Where would I was the camera? There were a few places, I drew up some quick thumbnails and played around with the camera placement


Again, this was my first time drawing up quick ideas and learning not to be so attached and particular about my work (It was about a week after I learnt to add value to objects closer to the camera). I chose a long shot with the landing pod situated right in front of the camera and the figure slightly off to the left of it glaring at the new city to explore. I felt there wasn’t much of an eye lead so I made a quick sketch for placement


Apart from not adding no where near enough value to the landing pod and not getting the perspective correct. I was happy and decided to take this further.


I enjoy shading. Again I feel the pod could of had more value and depth and the mountains and city could have been faded due to atmospheric perspective But overall I was pretty happy with it and felt I managed to solve the river and terrain reasonably well. Oh and I needed to show the light source more clearly, you can just about see it coming in form the left side of the image, but there isn’t really much showing it on the objects and terrain.


One thought on “Pulling an image apart

  1. The final image turned out really well, the shading looks great. Also, the hills and city fit in really well even without the fading. I think the scaling is great so they still look far away.

    The idea for using map contours in early images is a good idea too, will have to remember that one.


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