From playing to making

So begins a life as a student again. Not so much like an A grade academic one like I have always been. Ha. Nah, more like just doing something that keeps me interested and I enjoy. Video games of course.

After years of playing and playing…and playing. I’ve decided to put what only skill I feel I am decent at to the test as I embark on a 2 year degree course at the wonderful SAE Oxford.

Finishing 3 years of art and design at college and ready to jump into the working world I felt great, all up until every job I applied for required experience and/or higher qualifications. So how would I get an opportunity to gain experience in a career path that I wanted to work in if everybody wanted experience and/or higher qualifications? Going back into education of course. This time with a nice bit of cash courtesy of the government to help me long. Always helps, thank you. Taking it seriously for a moment though, Game art had always made me wonder how can something be made so beautifully, Fresh from someones mind implemented into cyber space for all to enjoy and bring their adventure too. Too be lost in escapism for hours and days, eventually snapping out of it to slowly join reality again. Sad, “apparently”. But true, and its what keeps us coming back.

This is my story as I explore all areas of game art animation and where i’ll be pinning up some of my work for myself and all of you wonderful people to critic. Enjoy.